Bathroom Restoration in Hexagon…

You can easily restore your bathroom.  This pictorial will help give you inspiration 🙂

First, you need to clear your entire bathroom of everything – yes, right down to the paint on the walls and the flooring AND all plumbing fixtures.  This process is best if you are restoring your entire house BEFORE moving into it and calling it a home.  🙂

Here is the before picture of The Workshop’s most recent project.


Because the home owner already had the tub that would be installed, it became important to the final design.  Please note how it works into the following pictures.  This is the point of your project where you want to make sure ALL paint that needs to be removed has been AND all plastering to your walls has been done.


Begin staining and painting EVERYTHING above the floor.


Once everything above your flooring area has been done, you are ready to create.  Begin by laying out your floor pattern and determining your tile cuts in advance.


Install your tile and accessorize your bathroom for a Craftsman Restoration 🙂


From this:IMG_4592 to this: WP_20150816_08_59_10_Pro

Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial…  For a more detailed explanation, or an estimate on how The Workshop can help you restore your home, please send us a message 🙂

Please be sure to check out a complete restoration video here:

Many of The Workshop’s tile projects are inspired by our older drawings and sketches . . .  The products used in this image were an abstract flooring plan from decades ago.  The original sketch was altered and the following products happened.  Please feel free to message us with any special image requests on the products we offer.  Help is just a message away if you need any help customizing any of our products.

Back in Black



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