SheInside Contest Challenge 07/21/2016


SheInside Contest Challenge 07/21/2016

Once again I spied another Polyvore contest with products that I knew would work well with my products.  I am still not sure which of my designs will be matched with the following products, but I am going to give it a whirl.  Hope you like the final design sets below.

Here are the SheIn products:

Grey Tie Casual Tank Top -SheIn(Sheinside)
Frayed Denim Pencil Skirt -SheIn(Sheinside)
Ripped Pockets Denim Shorts -SheIn(Sheinside)

Of course, there are many more SheInside products you might want to check out – just click this text or click the banner below:

New fashions added daily at

Here is the design set I created with two of these products.  I hope to be able to match more of my new designs to these products later.  Hope you enjoy!

Please be sure to message The Workshop with any special stripe requests – custom orders are our favorite!  🙂

SheInside Contest Entry 07/21/2016


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