New Hot Chili Pepper Design Set and Three Winning Sets by The Wacky Workshop

The Wacky Workshop LOVES chili peppers – we put them in everything we cook, including oatmeal raisin cookies!  In honor of our love of peppers, we have built an entire collection of fashion and home decor accessories centered around this spicy delicacy. Recently, we entered one of our advertising sets into a contest AND WE WON ! ! !  The set below is the fifth first place winner in the design world.  Hope you enjoy and are inspired by it’s hotness!  🙂
Four months ago, the set below took seventh place in the “Red and Black Menswear” competition!
(Another Win – Happy Dance!) 
Red & Black Peppers
Another one of our design sets took eight place in the “Monkey Business” set competition by Ink & Burn.  It has been fun to see the transformation in our set styles over the past year.  Here is hoping that you enjoyed our little collection of winning sets.
His & Hers Ink 'N' Burn

Please check out the most excellent talent in which we were in competition here:

Please be sure to like each entry and show your support by following the creators of these most amazing sets!  🙂

***Please also remember that there is a Polyvore glitch!  Our products are not sold out – they are custom made to order!  Simply ignore the Polyvore glitch and continue through to the manufacturer to place your order.***

As always, THANK YOU in advance for shopping our online stores!  🙂


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