Designer Spotlight – RoseGal pt. 1

Having recently entered a Polyvore contest featuring products, I was intrigued about their menswear because so much of it matched quite well with products from The Workshop.  The contest items also consisted of variations of shirts that I had already added to The Workshop’s items – too cool!  Here is the design set I entered in the contest.

Win $20 Cash from Rosegal! - Purchase Link and Coupon Code in Description

Win $20 Cash from Rosegal! – Purchase Link and Coupon Code in Description by wackyworkshop

Being that the rainbow workshirt by was so similar to one of my favorites of another company (you can see it in other posts all over this blog), I started to cruise the shopping isles of their online store.  Here is what I really liked:
 While looking through their jackets, the rain started coming down outside The Workshop.  I decided that it was time to search for some more thermal underwear…  The storms are coming this winter.  Need to keep warm and dry!
I also came across some jeans, jogging pants and shirts that will have to be added to my wishlist…
Pants – $24.35

Looking for accessories for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day?
Here are a few goodies that are sure to please!
You can also click on this banner for special gift suggestions:

Free Shipping for Vintage Clothing Under $20!

Stylish Sweaters and Cardigans at! Cozy, Classy and Comfortable! All Free Shipping!

Coming Soon – SPRINGTIME!!!
The Workshop will be working on some brightly-colored florals.

Please be sure to follow our blogs or follow The Workshop on FaceBook to keep informed about our new Springtime collections.  If you have a special request for your wardrobe accessories and/or home decor, simply send us a message – help is just a click away!

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