Street Style in Fall Colors

artsadd ester 4

This mish-mash of vibrant patterns was put together to celebrate fall colors and to be a contest entry for a FaceBook group for ex-Polyvore members.  The firey colors sparked inspiration and we decided to do a special blog post to share some of the work of fellow designers.  Today’s featured artists bring bright and bold color palettes to your fall wardrobe and home’s decor.

 Featured Artist 1:  LYLE HATCH DESIGN

The original goal when searching Lyle’s ArtsAdd store was to find fire-inspired products.  However, my eye was immediately drawn to his Garden Mandala design.  I think the green, gold and red color combination is a reflection of the transitioning from summer to fall.  Break out the boots, jacket and tote bag and you are ready for a brisk morning walk to the farmer’s market!

artsadd lyle 1

artsadd lyle 4

artsadd lyle 2

artsadd lyle 3

artsadd lyle 5

Featured Artist 2:  Cori-Beth’s Originals

Dare to be an original! Lovely, original designs that are sure to add an impact wherever you venture. Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Dresses, Swimwear, and more. All images, photos, and graphics © and ™ 2018 Cori-Beth’s Originals. All Rights Reserved.

Featured Artist 3:  ZandiePants

Thought these saddle bags from ZandiePants would be great additions to any fall accessory collection.  From classic patterns like hounds-tooth and chevron to leaf patterns, these saddle bags will help you incorporate bright golds and reds that pop.

 sunny yellow white quatrefoil classic pattern


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  1. Good to see you here, Yonni!😊


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