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Bikini Season is Here!

Although the rest of the country might be having late snow and cold weather, sunny California is already feeling like summer. After almost a week of temperatures in the low 80’s, we had a little rain this morning. As the sun is peeking through the clouds, I thought it might be the perfect time to share some of The Workshop’s latest bikini styles to help the rest of the country remember that pool parties are right around the corner!

swimwear 1

SLIP-ON SHOE: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/floral_abstract_in_blue_men_s_classic_slip_on_sneakers_model_e001_3-2983023.html?rf=10305

HIGH HEEL: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/basic_purple_solid_color_with_pink_lining_women_s_high_heels-2430330.html?rf=10305

HALTER STYLE BIKIKIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/cross-front-halter-bikini-set?1883968

BANDAGED UP BIKINIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/bandaged-up-bikini-set?1883968

TIED UP BIKINIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/tied-up-two-piece-swimsuit?1883968

RAINBOW STRIPE FLIP FLOPS: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/rainbow_stripe-119582133051309111?rf=238368915417973707

swimwear 3

Where will your summer travels take you this year? As winter comes to a close, The Workshop is gearing up for fun summer fashions. Whether your wardrobe needs new shoes or hunting gear for Autumn walks in the woods, The Workshop has what you are looking for. 🙂

SHOP HERE: http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop?sort=newest&category=hunting_woods_camouflage-8798&rf=10305

swimwear 4

This swimsuit is one of the newest products to be added to our “Stripes and Hearts” collection in our ArtsAdd store. You can find more of this collection here: http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop?category=stripes_and_hearts-8793&rf=10305

swimwear 2

LEOPARD PRINT SWIMSUIT: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/leopard_version_2_sport_top_high_waisted_bikini_swimsuit_model_s07-2873459.html?rf=10305

LEOPARD PRINT CLUTCH BAG: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/shoulder-clutch-bag?188396

LEOPARD HIGH HEELS: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/leopard_faux_fur_animal_print_women_s_high_heels-2090273.html?rf=10305

UMBRELLA:  http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop/umbrella-101?rf=10305

swimwear 5

If our other designs are a little too wild for you, we also offer plaids and solid colors to enhance your wardrobe and summer activities.  This plain tartan/plaid is available on just about everything you need for year-round adventures.

IGLOO COOLER:  https://www.zazzle.com/z/g7nvn?rf=238368915417973707

MORE SUMMER PLAIDS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR BLOGSPOT POST HERE: http://yonniswackyworkshop.blogspot.com/2018/06/summer-trend-tartan-plaid.html

***These design mock-ups were created using the Urstyle design set tool.  You can easily shop all the products we have clipped to Urstyle by visiting our items page:  https://urstyle.com/user/wacky-workshop/items***

As always, THANK YOU in advance for shopping The Workshop’s collections. Your support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us with any special product requests.  Help is just a click away!  🙂