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Needed inspiration to redecorate… found something Kawaii!

K A W A i i  ! ! !  🙂
The workshop has been searching for cute Japanese images for ideas for redecorating the student bedroom and found these adorable Kokeshi Dolls!  Using these cuties as inspiration, The Workshop can now begin updating the décor for our student room.  Images of the room’s before and after look can be seen below. Created by an artist in Canada, these images captured the style needed for inspiration and we just had to share them here.    
Chibibi’s products are customizable and these images are available on many products.  Please feel free to message the Workshop with any questions, if you need assistance customizing any of the products for purchase or if you live in Los Angeles and need a helping hand with your home improvement project – online estimates are free!
K A W A I I ^o^

K A W A I I ^o^

by Yonni’s Wacky Workshop

Here is our student room before the Asian inspiration was in full effect:

Here is the same room now:
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Here are just a few more of the cute products from Artist Chibibi:
Japanese Summer Kokeshi Doll Note Books

Japanese Summer Kokeshi Doll Note Books by Chibibi

View Summer Notebooks online at zazzle

Japanese Winter Kokeshi Doll Jewelry Box

Japanese Winter Kokeshi Doll Jewelry Box by Chibibi

Look at other Chibi Gift Boxes at zazzle.com

Japanese Bride Kokeshi Doll Service Tray

Japanese Bride Kokeshi Doll Service Tray by Chibibi

Shop for more Zazzle Serving Platters

***Please note that Yonni’s Wacky Workshop also specializes in the restoration of homes built around the turn of the century.  If you own a Craftsman style home or are looking to purchase an older home in  The Los Angeles Area, please watch the video below and let us know if we can help you.  Our realtor specializes in fully-furnished rentals as well!***