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Bikini Season is Here!

Although the rest of the country might be having late snow and cold weather, sunny California is already feeling like summer. After almost a week of temperatures in the low 80’s, we had a little rain this morning. As the sun is peeking through the clouds, I thought it might be the perfect time to share some of The Workshop’s latest bikini styles to help the rest of the country remember that pool parties are right around the corner!

swimwear 1

SLIP-ON SHOE: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/floral_abstract_in_blue_men_s_classic_slip_on_sneakers_model_e001_3-2983023.html?rf=10305

HIGH HEEL: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/basic_purple_solid_color_with_pink_lining_women_s_high_heels-2430330.html?rf=10305

HALTER STYLE BIKIKIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/cross-front-halter-bikini-set?1883968

BANDAGED UP BIKINIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/bandaged-up-bikini-set?1883968

TIED UP BIKINIS: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/tied-up-two-piece-swimsuit?1883968

RAINBOW STRIPE FLIP FLOPS: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/rainbow_stripe-119582133051309111?rf=238368915417973707

swimwear 3

Where will your summer travels take you this year? As winter comes to a close, The Workshop is gearing up for fun summer fashions. Whether your wardrobe needs new shoes or hunting gear for Autumn walks in the woods, The Workshop has what you are looking for. 🙂

SHOP HERE: http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop?sort=newest&category=hunting_woods_camouflage-8798&rf=10305

swimwear 4

This swimsuit is one of the newest products to be added to our “Stripes and Hearts” collection in our ArtsAdd store. You can find more of this collection here: http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop?category=stripes_and_hearts-8793&rf=10305

swimwear 2

LEOPARD PRINT SWIMSUIT: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/leopard_version_2_sport_top_high_waisted_bikini_swimsuit_model_s07-2873459.html?rf=10305

LEOPARD PRINT CLUTCH BAG: https://www.cowcow.com/artist/dressshop/shoulder-clutch-bag?188396

LEOPARD HIGH HEELS: http://www.artsadd.com/shop/leopard_faux_fur_animal_print_women_s_high_heels-2090273.html?rf=10305

UMBRELLA:  http://www.artsadd.com/store/wackyworkshop/umbrella-101?rf=10305

swimwear 5

If our other designs are a little too wild for you, we also offer plaids and solid colors to enhance your wardrobe and summer activities.  This plain tartan/plaid is available on just about everything you need for year-round adventures.

IGLOO COOLER:  https://www.zazzle.com/z/g7nvn?rf=238368915417973707

MORE SUMMER PLAIDS CAN BE FOUND ON OUR BLOGSPOT POST HERE: http://yonniswackyworkshop.blogspot.com/2018/06/summer-trend-tartan-plaid.html

***These design mock-ups were created using the Urstyle design set tool.  You can easily shop all the products we have clipped to Urstyle by visiting our items page:  https://urstyle.com/user/wacky-workshop/items***

As always, THANK YOU in advance for shopping The Workshop’s collections. Your support is greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact us with any special product requests.  Help is just a click away!  🙂


Street Style in Fall Colors

artsadd ester 4

This mish-mash of vibrant patterns was put together to celebrate fall colors and to be a contest entry for a FaceBook group for ex-Polyvore members.  The firey colors sparked inspiration and we decided to do a special blog post to share some of the work of fellow designers.  Today’s featured artists bring bright and bold color palettes to your fall wardrobe and home’s decor.

 Featured Artist 1:  LYLE HATCH DESIGN

The original goal when searching Lyle’s ArtsAdd store was to find fire-inspired products.  However, my eye was immediately drawn to his Garden Mandala design.  I think the green, gold and red color combination is a reflection of the transitioning from summer to fall.  Break out the boots, jacket and tote bag and you are ready for a brisk morning walk to the farmer’s market!

artsadd lyle 1

artsadd lyle 4

artsadd lyle 2

artsadd lyle 3

artsadd lyle 5

Featured Artist 2:  Cori-Beth’s Originals

Dare to be an original! Lovely, original designs that are sure to add an impact wherever you venture. Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Dresses, Swimwear, and more. All images, photos, and graphics © and ™ 2018 Cori-Beth’s Originals. All Rights Reserved.


Featured Artist 3:  ZandiePants

Thought these saddle bags from ZandiePants would be great additions to any fall accessory collection.  From classic patterns like hounds-tooth and chevron to leaf patterns, these saddle bags will help you incorporate bright golds and reds that pop.

 sunny yellow white quatrefoil classic pattern


FLASH SALE now through 9/10/2018!!!

EXPIRY DATE : 09/10/2018
***Accessories in the image above are available through other manufacturers.  
Please use the links below for product information or to place an order.  Please note that The Workshop is an affiliate of these manufacturers and might receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.***
summer sale
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“Burlap Sack” Dress/Texture Look Products

These products may look like rough textures, but are actually made from images of textured materials.  Please use the links below for product details or to place an order.
BURLAP SACK GRUNGE LOOK DRESS:  http://shrsl.com/15jg6
BURLAP PILLOW: http://shrsl.com/15em0
As always, THANK YOU in advance for shopping our online stores!  🙂
***Affiliate banner ads below.  Please note that The Workshop might receive a small commission for any orders place through the links in this post.***
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Dreaming of Magazine Covers…

These Mock-up ideas were designed using the UrStyle set design tool.

(*Click Here to see more of the Workshop’s design ideas.*)

Here are some of the individual images we used when creating this collage.
You can click any of the images for information regarding these products or to place an order.
Please Note that The Workshop might receive a small commission for any orders placed through these image links.
‘Burlap Coffee Sack Grunge Knit Look’ Floor Pillow by yonni
‘Leopard Wallpaper Animal Print’ Floor Pillow by yonni
'Leopard Wallpaper Animal Print' A-Line Dress by yonni
CLICK ME to see all our designs on RedBubble!
Burlap Coffee Sack Look Saddle Bag

Burlap Coffee Sack Look Tote Bag

Of course, our dream magazine covers do not just include home decor and fashion for the ladies, The Workshop has many, many, many men’s fashion options as well.

One of our manufacturing companies has the greatest variety of shoe and boot styles for menswear.  Not only do we offer our wild designs on their styles, we have also created some basic and solid color designs to match your wardrobe.  They are comfy and fashionable for all occasions!

If you have read this far, please take a minute to comment on this post.  We welcome new product suggestions and design requests.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

As always, THANK YOU in advance for shopping our online stores.  Your business is greatly appreciated.


Leopard Print Beachwear

Leopard Print Beachwear

Swimming costume

Leopard shoes

Yonni Obasan

Yonni Obasan

Yonni Obasan

Yonni Obasan

Yonni Obasan

Yonni Obasan

Dreaming of a Spring Vacation

Spring is in the air.  The Workshop is already thinking about taking a spring fling to the beach!  Below are just a few suggestions for your spring and summer vacations to the beach.
These products were all designed using a photo I took of a friend’s broken flat screen TV.
The pastel colors are sure to make a statement in your wardrobe.
Home decor options are available further down in this post.
Enjoy and as always, thanks in advance for shopping our online stores!
Bikini Beach Bonanza!

 Here are some of the newest additions to this collection from our RedBubble Store. 

I saw it on Redbubble

‘Broken TV flatscreen rainbow stripe.’ iPhone Wallet by yonni


I saw it on Redbubble

‘Broken TV flatscreen rainbow stripe.’ Studio Pouch by yonni


‘Broken TV flatscreen rainbow stripe.’ Drawstring Bag by yonni

Which Shoes to Choose…?

Which Shoes to Choose...?

Dresses by SheIn – Accessories by The Workshop

Dresses by SheIn - Accessories by The Workshop

Blouse by SHEIN – Accessories by The Wacky Workshop / This post includes new plus size fashion by SheIn

Blouse by SHEIN - Accessories by The Wacky Workshop
Found some new and exciting fashions on SheIn that will pair nicely with accessories from The Workshop.  These are just a few.  Hope you enjoy.
***please note that The Workshop is an affiliate of SheIn and might receive a small commission from any sales made through this blog posting.  As always, we thank you for shopping our online stores.  The plaid products on this post were designed by The Workshop and are only available through our ArtsAdd store.***

New Arrivals Women’s Dresses, Tops & More | SheIn.com
New Arrivals Women’s Dresses, Tops & More | SheIn.com

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