Polyvore Design Page

The Wacky Workshop offers hundreds of products that are available worldwide. Our signature collections feature custom plaids and retro prints. Please message us with any special product requests. Our aim is to please!

macy contest

This is just a small sample of our signature “Wacky Retro Floral” Collection. This design image is available in four different color schemes. Our design sets are an easy way for you to visualize our products in your home or wardrobe. Please click the image for product and ordering information.


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The Tami Kaye Plaid Collection is a custom plaid designed by request. It is available on home décor items, fashion accessories and much, much more! Please click the image to be directed to more collections.


Paisley Collection

Our Paisley Travel Accessories Collection is still growing. More products are being added each week. Please click the image for information regarding the products in this design set.


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